"Confident enough to communicate globally"

Principal’s Message 


Svetlana Sidorova,
 ECS Principal

Educational Center “Shkola” (ECS) is a private school community situated in the economic heartland of Russia`s automobile manufacturing region - Togliatti. It is a region of diverse beauty and significance, attracting many domestic and foreign professionals with specific educational requirements for their children.

ECS reflects all that is good and positive within our region and I am honoured to provide this welcoming message.

For more than 25 years, ECS has built its reputation and success upon its core values:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Compassion, and
  • Social and Cultural awareness.

Without compromise, our values continue to be ‘lived’ within our community and it is a requirement of all new members to support and embrace this ethos.

Our curriculum is designed to meet all requirements of the Russian Education System, but with a unique international focus that has held our school community in continual high demand within the region. Academically and culturally, our students continue to deliver superior results across all fields of Science and Humanities and have opportunities to travel locally, domestically and internationally as part of their educational development. 

I would encourage you to arrange for a private visit, open house or campus tour and meet our students and our domestic and international faculty members. I welcome you and look forward to the possibility of a long and fruitful association.

Mission Statement

‘Our mission is to provide students a diverse array of curricular options, superior confidences in the use of language (English, French and Russian) and to produce young men and women who are cognisant of and responsive to global citizenship in a rapidly changing world’.


Why EC “Shkola”? – The things that make our school special

We support our students

At ECS, we've developed our curriculum with the ‘whole person’ in mind. Our faculty works collaboratively to create enriching classroom experiences for small groups of learners and to ensure individual student requirements are met.

Language assistance is provided for foreign students both by Russian teachers and native speakers – English and French.


Our enrolment is governed by our Student-to-Teacher Ratio (STR)

ECS maintains a constant STR of 16-to-1. We believe this is of absolute value and critical importance to our community. Such ratios permit ECS to structure its learning program, personal and meaningful outcomes. Our balanced academic and developmental student focus remains our primary strategic engagement with each student.

Our approach to teaching within small groups is unique and permits teachers to easily extend students beyond "standard" learning goals, critical thinking and applying complex concepts to daily life.


We know your child really well

As an outcome of small class groups, meaningful exchanges and relationships develop and flourish quickly within our school community. We know where your child is excelling or where to provide greater assistance for every student to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

We continuously encourage our students to ‘spread their wings’ in a safe and supportive environment. This unique environment allows students to achieve higher retention levels over extended periods without the feeling of being pressed for time; as is common place in schools with larger student-to-teacher ratios.


A small school creates big opportunities

Our school is deliberately small which permits our students to play a meaningful role with pride and ownership in their campus life.

There's always room to participate in the robotics class, the open debate club, the student council or even the football team. With an entire afternoon each week devoted solely to co-curricular projects, students collectively participate in the things they love, be it singing, dancing, sports or the arts.


We care

Upon successful entry to ECS, we commit to supporting each student academically and emotionally during their growth and development. In that sense, education at ECS is not just about academics. We embrace and ethos of individual care per student.

In addition to our Russian faculty, we employ tutors focused on the individual needs of every student and native-speaking teachers who provide language support to our foreign students.


Our hands-on curriculum creates a foundation for success

It's not just what students learn that makes ECS special - it's how they do it!

Our team develops curricula activities that provide students with experiential and hands-on learning which increases theoretical understanding and retention of course material.


Our teachers are all highly professional

We value our teachers as much as our students and recognize their knowledge, commitment and professionalism underpins the success of our mission.

Every faculty member undertakes extensive professional development training yearly as well as career development programs and mentoring of junior or new faculty members.

The school curriculum and daily planning allow our teachers to extend the classroom experience through 1:1 exchanges with students before and after class. They also have time to participate in co-curricular activities on campus both with students and their parents.


We're a big family

"ECS is more than just a great school – it is a great community. The teachers endorse this; the parents embrace this; the students thrive on this"

Mr Anthony Esposito
Conversational English Teacher 2018
Sydney Australia


Our state of the art educational facility 

Our school building represents who we are. It represents innovation, diversity, a new educational experience and a colourful and welcoming workspace for all to grow.

Our green campus is a living extension of the classroom. From our spacious indoors facilities to our ever-green lawns and neat pathways, there is always a new spot for students to chat with classmates, study, rest or play active games. 

School profile        

The School was founded in 1991 as a private comprehensive school with advanced learning of foreign languages with emphasis on English. 

  • In 1996 the School was accredited by the State Accreditation Committee of the Russian Ministry of Education.
  • Since 1998 the School has been a member of Association of IB World Schools.
  • In 2016 the School set up a bilingual section (French) which currently counts over 30 students.
  • The School structure includes a pre-school program (a kindergarten), primary school (years 1-4), middle school (years 5-9), high school (years 10-11).
  • After school activities include field trips, sports event, theatre performances, storry-telling, crafts workshop, choir, dancing classes, floorball, debates and public speaking, career planning.

How to enrol and what to bring

It’s easy! Just follow the steps below.
  1. Email Ms Irina Bulashova at bulashovairina@list.ru to arrange your interview appointment and school inspection tour.

  2. Bring your child’s:

- Report of academic achievements;

- Birth certificate; and
- Vaccination certificate.
We look forward to seeing you soon. 
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